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What's New
Why this time management expert says Friday should be the most productive day of your week
Slacking off at the end of the week is a mistake you don't want to make.
Supreme Court rules warrants required for cellphone location data
The ruling sets a higher legal hurdle for law enforcement than previously existed under federal law
Trump urges OPEC to 'keep prices down' as oil cartel's meeting wraps up
President Donald Trump said on Friday he wants OPEC to raise its oil production.
Trump threatens 20% tariff on all car imports from the EU
President Donald Trump tweeted another tariff threat Friday, this time targeting imported autos.
Opioids that are painkillers but aren't addictive? This biochemist thinks it's possible
This biochemist explains in The Conversation how he and other researchers are working on designing new drugs that will block pain but without the euphoria that leads to addiction.
Cramer: Strength in tech and retail has 'masked' weakness in the broader market
Stocks, particularly industrials, have been weak "since the peak in January" but nobody was really taking notice, he adds.
Buy EA shares because it is ‘building a Netflix for video games’: Needham
Needham reiterates its buy rating for EA shares.
Trump celebrates Supreme Court decision that could force his online store to collect more taxes
Trumpstore.com, "the official retail website of The Trump Organization," collects sales taxes in just four states.
How Chris Pratt went from homeless waiter at Bubba Gump shrimp to $10 million ‘Jurassic World’ star
Pratt tried to save money on food by eating off customers' plates.
The Prime Minister of New Zealand gave birth to her first child—here's why it's a big deal
"I am by no means the first woman to multitask."
Schultz to CNBC's Cramer: Starbucks stock is cheap and undervalued
Departing Executive Chairman Howard Schultz tells CNBC Starbucks' stock is "cheap" and "undervalued."
Trump tells Republicans to 'stop wasting their time' on immigration until after midterms
Trump contends that Republicans will make gains in Congress, allowing them to pass "great legislation" down the road.
Facebook’s ‘lack of accountability’ in its data scandal spurs European sustainability fund to dump shares
Nordea's head of group sustainable finance said the company's sustainability funds will not invest in Facebook anymore.
Trump administration's new tariffs hit US consumers less, companies more
Consumer goods account for just 1 percent of items on the June 15 lists from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, down from 12 percent on the April 3 list, according to a report from the Peterson Institute for International Economics.
There's an underground market for Fortnite accounts, and gamers are making a ton of money on it
Fortnite gamers are selling their accounts and services on sites like eBay in order to make a profit.
OPEC ministers agree to raise oil production but don't say by how much
OPEC ministers announced a deal that will increase oil supplies after the producer group capped output for 18 months.
Democrats and Republicans agree presidents should not pardon themselves: Poll
Democrats and Republicans agree presidents should not pardon themselves.
Goldman Sachs: GE should suspend dividend for the next 18 months
General Electric should suspend its quarterly dividend for the next 18 months, Goldman Sachs wrote in a Thursday night note to clients.
Pro tips on taking great video of your vacation — right from your phone
Your smartphone is a very capable video camera. Learn how to take advantage of all its features and shoot the best video possible.
All 35 times the market did this, stocks ended the year higher
Since 1950 when the S&P 500 rose at least 3% heading into the first day of summer, the year was positive every time.
Want to work at home? Take a lesson from this $3 billion pyramid scam
TelexFree conned 1.8 million victims worldwide into shelling out $3 billion to get in on an essentially bogus business.
In age of Trump, evangelicals back Dennis Hof, a self-styled top US pimp
Dennis Hof's political rise reflects fundamental changes in electoral norms that have roiled the GOP and upended American politics during the era of President Donald Trump.
Bitcoin tumbles 9% after Japan orders exchanges to beef up practices against money laundering
Bitcoin prices fall after Japan orders several cryptocurrency exchanges to review their business practices.
Husband cheating? Ashley Madison says member signups spiked in these cities last year
Cheating husbands and wives might be most common in Seattle, according to a report from infidelity website Ashley Madison.
James Comey: Public anger about migrant children is ‘why Trump ran’ from the policy
Comey says Trump's move to separate migrant children from parents could be the biggest misstep of his presidency.
Charles Krauthammer, conservative columnist and pundit, dies
Charles Krauthammer, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and pundit, has died.
BlackBerry quarterly results beat on software strength
BlackBerry reported a quarterly loss, compared with a year-ago profit when the Canadian software maker received a one-time arbitration payment of $940 million from chipmaker Qualcomm.
Friday will likely be the year's biggest stock market volume day with big action in Apple, JP Morgan
A little-known indexing event Friday will likely result in the biggest volume day of the year.
Rival Koreas agree to reunions of war-separated families
North and South Korea have agreed to hold temporary reunions of families divided by the 1950-53 Korean War in August.
US companies like Micron are accusing China of intimidation and outright theft to dominate tech
Micron, an American chip maker, says its designs were swiped to help a new Chinese plant. Washington sees a larger pattern, fueling tensions with Beijing.


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