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What's New
Novogratz says he would sell litecoin after its surge, sees bitcoin hitting $40k within a few months
One of the leading Wall Street veterans now investing in cryptocurrencies said Tuesday he would sell digital currency litecoin after its surge.
Eataly has removed Mario Batali’s products and books from all of its locations
Eataly locations have filled the shelf space with Lidia Bastianich products instead, Eater reports.
Increase in deliveries bodes well for aerospace outlook despite supplier risks, says Moody's
The 2018 outlook is upbeat for defense and aerospace, although Pentagon changes may pressure contractors, says Moody's.
Here's why bitcoin prices are different on each exchange
CNBC's Bob Pisani explains why the price of bitcoin is different across bitcoin exchanges.
This start-up is making remote-controlled robots that can do surgery in space
Sinopharm and Bluestem Capital are investing $18 million in Virtual Incision, makers of a miniature robot for general abdominal surgeries.
Apple’s up 43,000 percent since its IPO, and could soon surpass $1 trillion in market cap
Apple's record run is far from done, says one technical analyst looking for the stock to make new highs.
Stanley Druckenmiller calls hedge-fund loophole in tax reform 'outrageous'
The former hedge-fund manager says the billionaires who lobbied to keep the loophole ought to "be ashamed."
Donald Trump Jr. set for interview with third congressional committee: Reports
Trump Jr. spoke with the House Intelligence Committee last week.
GOP tax bill would include 21% corporate tax rate: Sources
It also would feature a top individual tax rate of 37 percent and raise the mortgage interest deduction amount to $750,000.
Why investors should beware stocks getting the bitcoin boost
Some market watchers are cautioning against getting into the names here.
White House: 'No way' Trump tweet about Gillibrand 'is sexist at all'
The president said the New York Democrat would "do anything" for campaign contributions.
Warren Buffett bought his first Berkshire Hathaway shares for $7.50 each, 55 years ago today
It helped make him one of the world's richest. Here's the story behind the buy.
Credit Suisse reveals energy stock picks, oil price outlook
Credit Suisse initiated coverage on a slew of energy stocks Monday, telling investors it's bullish on oil prices.
Alabama's special election polls stink. Here's why that's a good thing
Here's the good news about the ridiculously divergent polls tracking the Alabama election, says Jake Novak.
Billionaire investor Druckenmiller: ‘I love Amazon' more than Apple
Amazon's stock is up big this year, but Druckenmiller thinks the e-commerce giant's shares have more room to run.
Facebook's accounting shift shows it expects a higher European tax bill next year
Higher taxes aren't the only rising expenses Facebook will face in Europe next year.
Coinbase suspends ethereum buys and sells twice in one day
Coinbase, the leading U.S. platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, said twice in a day that transactions in ethereum were "temporarily disabled."
House Republicans introduce set of bills to provide 'relief' from Obamacare taxes
The bills include waivers for the Medical Device Tax, a tax on over-the-counter medications and the Cadillac Tax. .
Giving money to adult children could trigger your financial ruin
Think twice before giving money to your adult child.
As Mueller closed in, pressure mounted on Flynn and family
Those close to Michael Flynn describe the pressures of the past year as investigators zeroed in on him.
Goldman sees Congress approving tax bill, but companies won't see cuts until 2019
Goldman Sachs economists expect Congress to make corporate tax cuts effective in 2019 and new rules could encourage U.S. companies to issue more debt overseas.
Melinda Gates says this is the No. 1 thing we must do to find the next Bill Gates
"The next Bill Gates isn’t going to look anything like the last one."
Mike Novogratz has some pretty scathing things to say about his ex-Goldman partners
The billionaire doesn't hold back sharing his opinion about how the GOP is handling tax reform
Tesla shares pop after PepsiCo orders biggest fleet of Semi trucks so far
PepsiCo's pre-order of 100 Tesla Semi trucks shows confidence in the vehicles, said Consumer Edge's Jamie Albertine.
Ashton Kutcher reveals the simple strategy that helps him avoid email overload
Kutcher proves that a busy schedule does not have to equal an out-of-control inbox.
San Francisco's mayor oversaw tax break that helped spark a new tech boom in the city
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, who died Tuesday, oversaw a payroll tax break that helped move tech from Silicon Valley.
GOP plan would stick millions with bigger tax bills—this chart shows your odds of getting hit
A sweeping tax overhaul nearing a vote in Congress would raise taxes for millions of Americans. This chart shows your odds of getting hit.
The Alabama Senate election could spark major effects nationwide
The election pits Republican ex-Judge Roy Moore against Democratic former federal prosecutor Doug Jones.
Net neutrality protests have moved online, but big tech is keeping quiet
One advocate said companies were less vocal because they face more regulatory battles than in past years, NYT reports.
Druckenmiller: Central banks are financial world's 'Darth Vader,' creating exploding asset bubbles
Stanley Druckenmiller believes the Federal Reserve should raise interest rates and normalize monetary policy.


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