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What's New
'Black Panther' is already smashing records with $25.2 million Thursday night box office haul
"Black Panther" earned an estimated $25.2 million in Thursday previews, setting a new record for a February release.
Here's what you need to know if you have inflation jitters
Here's what higher rates means for your student loan tab, savings account, mortgage and credit cards.
Russia interference should be countered with 'the truth' and not 'more propaganda,' NATO chief says
NATO has to respond in different ways to Russia's interference in other political systems, its secretary general told CNBC Saturday.
SpaceX 's next salvo in the space wars: Launching test satellites to bring the Web to billions
SpaceX is on a collision course with the world's biggest telecom and satellite manufacturing companies.
US's greatest vulnerability is ignoring cyber threats from adversaries, foreign policy expert says
America's greatest vulnerability is its continued inability to acknowledge the extent of its adversaries' capabilities when it comes to cyber threats, says Ian Bremmer.
This founder lived in a nursing home for 3 months to get his start-up off the ground
This start-up's pilot customer requested that the founder live in a nursing home for 3 months. So he moved right in.
Amazon threat to FedEx is overblown, but the postal service is in real trouble, JP Morgan says
Amazon's entry to delivery service won't be as bad for UPS and FedEx as it will be for the USPS, says J.P. Morgan.
Europe and Gulf countries need to spend more to help Syria, Red Cross president says
European and Gulf countries need to give more cash to war embattled Syria, the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) told CNBC Saturday.
America's most decorated Winter Olympian spent 8 days in remote cabin alone when he was 15
"It was a defining moment in my life," says eight-time medalist Apolo Ohno.
Trump's national security adviser: Evidence that Russia meddled in US election 'incontrovertible'
"The evidence is now really incontrovertible and available in the public domain," H.R. McMaster said in Munich.
US government is 'exceptionally vulnerable' to cyberattacks, security expert says
The United States is "vulnerable" to cybersecurity attacks and need to step up their defense mechanisms, the co-founder of the computer security firm CrowdStrike told CNBC Saturday.
These are the most popular cruises for partying, relaxing and dining, according to Instagram
Ready to sail off into the sunset?
Russia is embarking on an 'amazing, positive journey' with Saudi Arabia, Russian investment chief says
The head of Russia's $10 billion investment fund has nothing but praise for Saudi Arabia, citing economic diplomacy as the catalyst for improved relations between the two countries.
Are you a new bitcoin millionaire and in the market for a yacht? You might be in luck
First Malibu mansions, next ultra luxurious yachts — the ways in which cryptocurrency enthusiasts can spend their virtual riches is growing.
Google's new ad-blocking rules show its massive power online, and some smaller players are concerned
Reactions were mixed after Google rolled out its new plan to start blocking ads on Chrome
Here's how much U.S. Olympic medalists get paid
Athletes aren't just competing for glory.
How to keep from going broke from your friend's side hustle
These days it’s hard to go on social media without being asked to buy something, even from friends. Here's how to cope.
This bricklaying robot works five times faster than a human
As the construction industry faces a skilled labor shortage, tools like Construction Robotics SAM 100 could bridge the workforce gap.
A Dave & Buster's just opened in an old Sears location. Here's what it looks like on the inside
Take a look at the Dave & Buster's that just opened on the second floor of what was once a Sears.
Russia investment chief to US: Let's keep 'business' separate from 'politics'
The comments come amid the highest tensions the two countries have seen since the Cold War.
Russia's Lavrov says reports on US election interference 'just blather'
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declined to comment on Saturday on U.S. indictments of 13 Russians and three Russian companies.
Pressure mounts on FBI director to resign as Florida community reels
Pressure is mounting on the FBI director to resign after his agency admitted it failed to investigate the man accused of killing 17 people in Florida.
Worldpay and Visa are reversing duplicate Coinbase transactions
Worldpay and Visa said they are reversing duplicate transactions that recently caused unauthorized withdrawals for some users of Coinbase.
Kudlow: Here's why Trump should embrace a 'King Dollar' as part of his economic strategy
There is still a missing pillar in Trump's economic agenda, and that is a sound dollar strategy.
US agents arrest more than 200 undocumented immigrants, target 122 businesses in California sweep
A five-day immigration sweep in California targeting 122 firms resulted in 212 arrests, U.S. officials announced Friday.
Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on Russian interference in US politics - until now
President Donald Trump has denied numerous times that the Russians were involved with the 2016 presidential elections.
Top VC deals: Roche acquires Flatiron, Harry's raises $112 million to go beyond shaving
A weekly recap of some of the most interesting venture capital deals, funds and start-ups.
Stock rebound could continue as long as the Fed doesn't spook markets
Stocks could continue to rebound in the week ahead, as long as the bond market behaves.
Major 7.5 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico's southwest: USGS
An earthquake sent a prolonged rumble felt across Mexico City late Friday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
This self-driving ship could be the future of military warfare
This prototype developed by DARPA is called the Sea Hunter and will track enemy submarines.


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