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What's New
Russia is reportedly 'working behind scenes' to resolve North Korea crisis
A senior Russian diplomat also said the U.S. approach to North Korea was a dead end.
Republican tax plan could bring huge tax savings to millions of small business owners
A Republican tax-cut plan due to be unveiled on Wednesday is expected to call for a new rate for "pass-through" businesses of about 25 percent.
Out-of-pocket health costs hit old, poor, women hardest: report
The top 10 percent of health-care spenders contributed 49 percent of total out-of-pocket spending in 2016.
North Korea appears to bolster defenses after flight by US bombers as rhetoric escalates
North Korea appears to have boosted defenses on its east coast, South Korea's Yonhap news agency said on Tuesday.
Biggest diamond for a century sells for $53 million
A diamond weighing 1,109 carats — the largest found since 1905 — has sold for $53 million.
Coffee sold in California could carry cancer warning labels
A future cup of coffee in California could give you jitters before you even take a sip.
Rise of far right in Germany could hurt the euro zone, analysts say
The rise of Germany's far-right may hurt Europe's economy, and potentially cut Merkel's term short, analysts said.
Germany coalition talks begin after bruising election result for Merkel
After the re-election of Germany's Angela Merkel to a fourth-term in power, the hard task of political negotiations to form a coalition government has begun.
National Iranian Oil executive says oil at $60 a barrel could stabilize the energy market
Saeid Khoshrou from National Iranian Oil Company says $60 a barrel could encourage investments.
Why Twitter won't take down Donald Trump's tweet which North Korea called a 'declaration of war'
Twitter said whether the tweet is of public interest is among the key considerations in deciding if a tweet is removed.
A weakened Merkel means EU integration will now be put on the back burner
Europe's politically supercharged year has ended with a jolt of excitement as Germans went to the polls on Sunday.
Forget Chinese investment in Africa, here's a tech partnership in the region you haven't heard of
South Korea and Rwanda's technology ties stem from a common geography and history.
US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says he pressed China for results on trade frictions
U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross pressed for "meaningful action" on greater access to China's market.
Meet the golfer who just finished playing the longest hole in history
A former rugby player kicked off an 80-day golf odyssey in Mongolia to raise $100,000 for children's charities.
Alibaba to pay $807 million for majority stake in logistics firm Cainiao
Alibaba increased its logistics investments as part of its aim to fulfill orders on the mainland withing 24 hours.
Steve Forbes wants the Fed to 'behave itself' on rates and let tax cuts boost growth
Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-in-chief Steve Forbes has strong views on how deeply the U.S. should cut taxes.
Trump says hurricane left Puerto Rico in trouble, but points to need to deal with island's debt load
Trump said Monday Puerto Rico is in "deep trouble" after the hurricane and that its debt "must be dealt with."
China fines tech giants for not censoring banned content, blocked WhatsApp ahead of party congress
China's cyber watchdog said Baidu, Tencent and Sina Weibo did not do enough to deal with banned content.
US disclosed flight route of B-1B bomber because North Korea didn't seem to know
Pyongyang has reportedly been boosting defences on east coast after the U.S. dispatched bombers to the Korean peninsula.
Mark Cuban, Ethereum co-founder among big investors in Unikrn's digital token sale
Unikrn's esports betting ICO offer has attracted Mark Cuban and Ethereum co-founder Anthony Diiorio as investors.
Trump staff used personal devices and private emails for official White House work
Advisers to the president used private email addresses for White House business, the New York Times reported
Stockpile CEO: We offer trades for as little as 99 cents to make the market accessible to everyone
Jim Cramer and Stockpile's Avi Lele discuss how Lele's trading platform is trying to make investing more accessible.
SEC hackers accessed authentic data used by companies in tests: Sources
Sources said hackers took advantage of companies that used authentic financial data when they were testing the agency's corporate filing system.
Sen. Susan Collins says she will vote 'no' on Obamacare repeal bill, likely dooming it
Republican leaders have been unable for months to get 50 GOP senators to support an Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill.
Cramer's lightning round: Why I can't go down the path of US Steel
Jim Cramer rattles off his take on callers' favorite stocks at lightning speed, including one struggling steel producer.
Cramer rips Trump and Congress for dropping the ball on tax reform
Jim Cramer unleashes on the White House and Congress for failing to deliver health care or tax reform in September.
Amazon Alexa is missing one big thing before it gets into health care
Alexa is not yet HIPAA-compliant, which is a problem for some health developers.
Russians targeted Black Lives Matter and other hot-button issues with Facebook political ads
Russian political ads included topics such as Black Lives Matter and other divisive issues.
As if Republicans needed more problems, Alabama may just hand them another one
Bombastic conservative Christian candidate Roy Moore faces the appointed, business-backed incumbent Sen. Luther Strange.
A Steelers lineman's merchandise is in high demand after he stood for the national anthem
Villanueva had the top-selling merchandise among any NFL player on Fanatics.com and NFLShop.com in the 24 hours after the Sunday game, USA Today reports.


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