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What's New
Do you know how much you are paying in investment fees? Well, you should
Those 'small' advisor fees can have a huge impact on investment returns. If you are paying too much, find someone else to do the job.
Families: Investigation found MH17 downed from pro-Russia rebel held territory
Investigators have concluded the Malaysian jet was shot down by a Russian-made missile fired from rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine.
China looks past Trump's bluster and favors billionaire over Clinton, expert says
The Chinese government would rather see Trump as president than Clinton, China watcher Leland Miller tells CNBC.
Why Amazon shares could climb much higher
Amazon shares could surge over the next year, according to experts who like its cloud-computing services.
Drop in refinancing pushes mortgage applications lower by 0.7%
A drop in interest rates last week did nothing to juice refinances, which are usually very rate-sensitive.
How 'Exploding Kittens' blew up into a fortune
Two experienced digital hands go all analog by creating a card game called "Exploding Kittens." How it all came to be.
Why Trump's confusion on nukes matters
Donald Trump's confusing comments about nuclear weapons are not the first time his statements have left experts wondering what he might do if he gains access to nukes.
Deutsche Bank is rallying off record lows for a whole bunch of reasons
Embattled German lender Deutsche Bank saw some respite from recent selling on Wednesday after a slew of news helped the stock to push off record lows.
History shows volatility surges in October during election years
With the U.S. election looming, geopolitical concerns continue to dominate as a key market risk.
World's largest IPO this year goes over like a wet firecracker
Postal Savings Bank of China may have been the world's largest IPO in two years, but it hit the market like a wet firecracker on Wednesday.
The man who created the Hamdog is now selling his US patent
The man who created a new food that merges a hot dog and a hamburger has decided to auction off his intellectual property rights.
The 2016 trends in cybercrime that you need to know about
The volume, scope and cost of cybercrime have reached very high levels – and are set to get even higher, according to Europol.
Goldie Hawn on Hillary Clinton and not being married to Kurt Russell for 33 years
Hollywood star Goldie Hawn has underlined her belief that Hillary Clinton would be best-equipped to be the next president of the United States.
Global IPOs expected to 'take off' in 2017 after political uncertainty held back activity
The market for initial public offerings has had a year it would rather forget as it tried to deal with global political uncertainty.
These shoes offer buyers an immediate 500 percent profit
An opportunity to turn a profit of as much as 500 percent awaited Yeezy buyers on the global sneaker resale market, said StockX CEO Josh Luber.
Facebook to appeal German order on WhatsApp data
Facebook said it would appeal against an order by a German privacy regulator on Tuesday to stop collecting and storing data of German users.
Saudi Arabia-Iran tensions ignite OPEC worries
Longstanding tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran will hold OPEC back from an oil production freeze, analysts said.
Shimon Peres, Israel's former president, dies at 93 after suffering stroke
Shimon Peres, who led Israel as prime minister and president in an enduring political career, died on Tuesday, NBC News reports.
Fed's Williams says higher rates won't derail US economic recovery
The Fed can raise interest rates without threatening the U.S. economic recovery, a top Federal Reserve policymaker said.
US to send anti-missile system in SKorea ASAP as NKorea speeds up nuclear tests
The U.S. plans to speed up deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system to South Korea, given the pace of North Korea's missile tests.
Wells CEO Stumpf forfeits $41 million in unvested equity amid independent probe
The independent directors on Wells Fargo's board announced that it is launching a probe of the bank's retail banking sales practices.
Cramer Remix: Why anyone would want to buy Twitter
Jim Cramer explained how Twitter’s suitors could use the platform to make profits.
Cramer's wake-up call for Donald Trump on NAFTA
Jim Cramer issues a series of burning questions for Donald Trump to answer about U.S. trade agreements.
Small army of Fed speakers, OPEC on tap for Wednesday
A flurry of Fed speakers, including the Fed chair, will keep markets busy Wednesday.
Clinton-Trump first presidential debate is the most viewed ever
More than 84 million people watched the debate live on TV, according to Nielsen. Millions more tuned in online.
OPEC is shooting itself in the foot, oil expert says
The OPEC meeting in Algeria may not have resulted in a resolution as of Tuesday, but at least one person is optimistic.
Traders make consumer plays after Nike disappoints
The "Fast Money" traders looked for opportunities in consumer stocks after Nike's future orders disappointed Wall Street on Tuesday.
Cramer's wake-up call for Donald Trump on NAFTA
Jim Cramer issues a series of burning questions for Donald Trump to answer about U.S. trade agreements.
Obama nominates career diplomat as US ambassador to Cuba
President Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated career diplomat Jeffrey DeLaurentis to be the first U.S. ambassador to Cuba in more than 50 years.
Carnival CEO: We had a record quarter, having a fantastic year
Arnold Donald, Carnival Corporation CEO & President, discusses his company's record quarter and his views on the upcoming United States presidential election.


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