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What's New
The White House website's page on climate change just disappeared
References to climate change were removed from the White House website immediately after Donald Trump took office.
These camouflaged cars aren't hunting or on a battlefield, but may be hiding a big secret
Car camouflage provides cover for prototype cars on test drives.
Oldest World War II veteran gets by with little help from his friends, and strangers, with GoFundMe
Richard Overton, 110, wants to spends his last days in his East Austin home. His relatives started a GoFundMe page to help with cost.
Violent protests in DC streets after Donald Trump inauguration; more than 200 arrested
Washington police used tear gas and pepper spray as they tried to control protesters swarming downtown DC.
What investors—and Trump—can expect from markets as a new era beckons
It looks like the stock market isn't quite sure what to make of President Donald Trump.
As Trump makes good on Obamacare vow, enrollees and doctors fret about what's next
Patients and doctors are worried about what comes after an Obamacare repeal.
Women descend on DC a day after anarchists create chaos
Women and other groups were demonstrating across the nation and as far abroad as Myanmar and Australia.
Trump inauguration: What the world is saying about new president
NBC News takes a glance at what people around the planet are saying about America's new leader.
Qualcomm blasts 'baseless' $1 billion Apple royalties lawsuit
Apple says Qualcomm has been "charging royalties for technologies they have nothing to do with."
India PM Modi went ahead with banknote ban despite central bank's concerns
The central bank's board expressed concerns whether the cash could be replaced quickly enough.
Trump signs executive action on Obamacare on inauguration day
The order also directs agencies to give greater flexibility to states in implementing the health care law, NBC News reports.
Trump vs. Obama: the economic inheritance
Here's President Trump's economic starting line.
Cramer Remix: Big news about an Apple supplier was obscured by the Trump inauguration
Jim Cramer eyed an Apple player that blew the doors off its earnings on Inauguration Day.
Markets look for lots of action in President Trump's first week
A fifth of major companies report earnings in the week ahead, but markets will pay close attention to President Trump.
Cramer’s roadmap to finding stocks that will thrive in a new political world
Jim Cramer weighs the pros and cons of how stocks will react in a Trump administration.
Cramer's game plan: Political cross-currents boost or blunt these earnings next week
Jim Cramer reviews the stocks and events on his radar next week with the caveat that politics could reign supreme over earnings.
Snap can drive a hard bargain with banks after IPO drought
Because Snap is one of the only major IPOs in the pipeline, bankers are "struggling to generate fees," the Wall Street Journal reported.
'Mad Dog' Mattis confirmed as Defense secretary, Kelly voted in as Homeland Security secretary
Both officials were confirmed by wide margins.
Cramer: Don't take Trump literally when it comes to stock picking
Jim Cramer questions the impact on stocks of the 'buy and hire American' notion of President Trump.
Repealing Obamacare would take "months to design and replace," political analyst says
People are waiting for plans to repeal Obamacare, but Terry Haines believes that process will take longer than expected.
PRO Uncut: Billionaire investor Carl Icahn on Trump and the stock market
Hedge fund titan Carl Icahn spoke with CNBC on what might be ahead for investors after Donald Trump was sworn in.
Market is sending a clear message about Trump's presidency, Mohamed El-Erian says
The market likes Trump's pro-growth policies but is concerned about his protectionist tendencies, Mohamed El-Erian said.
The one thing about Trump's inaugural address that surprised Carl Icahn
Carl Icahn, Trump's special advisor on reform, said he sees the 45th president of the United States taking a confrontational approach to governing.
The word Donald Trump used more than any other in his inaugural speech
In a tone reminiscent of the rallies that put him into office, President Donald J. Trump Friday vowed to put "America first."
Trump's policies are 'very, very favorable' to financials, former Wells Fargo CEO says
Financials may have pared back some of their gains, but all signs point to a positive outlook, Dick Kovacevich said.
Trump's inauguration in pictures
Here are the most captivating images, from the Obamas welcoming the Trumps to the violent protests.
Microsoft to cut 700 jobs as part of previously announced layoffs
Microsoft will cut about 700 positions across the company as part of its previously announced plan to slash 2,850 jobs by June.
It won't hurt you to acknowledge how much luck has to do with your success
Lots of smart, hard-working people admit they've also been helped by good fortune.
Not your typical protester: Wall Street women to march in DC
Wall Street women are not a crowd accustomed to street protest, The NYT reports.
Stephen Weiss: Here's your hedge fund investing setup for the week ahead
Stephen Weiss reviews the main factors driving stocks and how investors should be positioned for next week.


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